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Adam Art Ananda

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About Art

Art was born in November 1963 as a scorpio in Hamburg.
After completing secondary school, he underwent training as a machinist.
When a spinal disease removed him from the work process, which he didn't enjoy anyway, he decided to enroll in the master's school.
At the same time, he started a distance learning course to become a mechanical engineering technician.
Art dropped out of the technician course after the second semester because he had already developed his first program during his studies, enabling him to earn a significant amount of money quickly.

Driven by pure curiosity, Art continued researching software development and, five years later, was hired as a consultant for a large chemical company.
Several top 500 companies became his clients for the next few years until the stock market crash in 2000 forced him to give up.
Art then moved to Switzerland, where he worked for a few months for an airline and later for a bank.
He studied graphic design and human-computer interaction design in Switzerland.
He dropped out of the latter in the third semester because he already knew most of what was taught there from his graphic design studies and (at his age) was no longer dependent on a master's degree.

Art worked as a tantra masseur for some time, conducted sessions in sexological bodywork, taught people in tantric massage, and gave various other workshops to help people lead a better, more exciting, and fulfilling life.
He is also involved in implementing the UBUNTU movement. UBUNTU ("I am because we are") is an idea for a community where there is neither money nor barter nor trade.
Everyone does what they want and what they are talented for.
He dedicates his time for the well-being of the community in which he lives, and in return, he will surely receive what he needs from the community.
Art is often found kitesurfing in Denmark, playing Djembe with a few people in Mauerpark in Berlin, creating communities in Portugal, riding motocross and go-karts, enjoying snowboarding, and sailing catamarans. He prefers cycling over driving a car in the city and constantly tries out new things that he might enjoy.


  • Lomi Lomi Nui 2 (Anja and Jana Goralski)
  • Lomi Lomi Nui 1 (Anja and Jana Goralski)
  • Tantramassage Level 2 (Suriya, Eva, Saranam)
  • Yin-Yang-Massage (Frank Lerch)
  • Lingam Intensiv (Suriya, Eva)
  • Tantramassage Level 1 (Suriya, Eva, Saranam)
  • The Art of Touch 2 (Somananda Moses Maimon)
  • Training as a Sexological Bodyworker (Didi Liebold, Janine Hug)
  • Beckenboden, Anal- und Prostatamassage (Jacqueline Schönbächler, Dr. Eva Thiel)
  • Yonimassage Aufbaukurs (Jacqueline Schönbächler)
  • Basis training Tantra Massage (Jacqueline Schönbächler)
  • Study Human Computer Interaction Design (UNI Rapperswil, Basel)
  • Distance learning graphic design (Studien Gemeinschaft Darmstadt)
  • Autodidact Softwareentwicklung
  • Training as a machine fitter (Deutsche Audco)
  • Realschule (Egenbüttel)